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New Music | Kalispell – Westbound

Kalispell – Methodist Lift

[T]his beautiful little album has been sitting inside my computer for far too long without me talking about it.  Kalispell is the musical project from Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Shane Leonard. Leonard, studied english ed at Wisconsin – Eau Claire and formed a band, Lowtel, with a few guys you might know of, Sean Carey (Bon Iver) and Jeremy Boetcher (S.Carey) and John Dehaven.  There’s obviously something in the water over there in Wisconsin, because Kalispell’s album Westbound (out in May of 2012) is one delightfully gorgeous album.  Similar in the vein of Bon Iver & Field Report, its an ambient minimalist folk sound that feels beautifully  composed and a total treat to explore.  I say explore because that’s the way you’ve got to listen to this, there are so many layers of distant sounds, ambients, subtle vocals, and timeless banjos, pedal steel, and even a string quartet.  It’s great fall music perfect for a cold day, and a warm beverage.  Definitely HIGHLY recommended.

Westbound is available on Bandcamp.

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