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The Music Savage Show | 11.06.2020

Kicking the show off today celebrating the fantastic soundtrack to 2006’s Marie Antoinette as well as the 14th anniversary of the film. I also play a birthday set dedicated to the one and only Courtney Barnett, hit you with some tunes from a few great albums purchased during Bandcamp Friday, highlight songs off a handful of releases this week, set your ears on fire with the #Hottakes set, and so much more!


Ceremony – New Order
Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie & The Banshees
Plainsong – The Cure
Natural’s Not In It – Gang of Four

Here Comes The Fall – Fiona Silver
Hard to Find – Strong Asian Mothers
Drum Solo – Leyya
Go Home – East of My Youth
Hair Slick Back – Sneaks

Need A Little Time – Courtney Barnett
Over Everything – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
Split – Chastity Belt
Keep On – Loose Tooth
Tell Her She’s Dreamin’ – Tiny Ruins

Domino – Nicole Atkins
Sweeter Than Honey – Aubrey Haddard
O Little Light – Hiss Golden Messenger
Berlin – Fenne Lily
Loyal – Ailbhe Reddy

She Waits For Me To Come Back Down – Donovan Woods
Cassette Beat – Babeheaven
Cobra – Sirens Of Lesbos
Summer Teeth (Slow Rhodes Version) – Wilco

I Thought I Saw You Last Night – Ellie Bleach
Force of Nature – Soleima
Broke – Akina Adderley 
Ashes – Tender Central

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