#50WordReview | Cicada Rhythm: <em>Cicada Rhythm</em>

#50WordReview | Cicada Rhythm: <em>Cicada Rhythm</em>

Editor’s note: This post debuts a new feature on MusicSavage, the #50WordReview. Brought back from a previous life on another music blog—R.I.P., Melophobe—we’ll endeavor to give you some quick hits on albums we’re listening to that we think you should hear as well.

Classically-trained girl meets train-hopping troubadour boy. Opposites attract and create a debut effort worthy of note. The album, like the band members, is a study in contrast as refined meets rough around the edges, with the two alternating throughout the album to great result. Folk, americana, jazz, blues—iiiiit’s in there.

* Reminds us of: Little Joy, TMOE + Valerie June + Shovels & Rope + Adam Ben Ezra had a musical baby

* Add to queue: In the Garden, Werewolf, Dirty Hound, Do Not Destroy, The Keeper, Static In My Dream, Round Yellow Suitcase

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