New Music | River City Extension

Something Salty, Something Sweet

River City Extension had completely eluded my musical umbrella; but luckily they just announced they will be playing the Newport Folk Festival this summer.  As I had no idea who they were, curiosity got the better of me.

What I found shouldn’t have surprised me, but altogether I think it’s ok to be surprised.  River City Extension is huge… seriously  there’s 8 members.  Not just another Orchestral Indie Rock band, these guys have got some serious energy and fun in their music.  They blend a mix of rural americana folk and some explosive punk(ish) outbursts.  I guess if I had to describe their sound it’d be like if the Avett Brothers & Titus Andronicus got together and had a love child… I guess that’s my analogy.

Their influences are wide ranging and music wide sprawling.  Some major high points for the album are tracks ‘Something Salty, Something Sweet,’ ‘South for the Winter,’ and ‘Too Tired to Drink,’ all tracks that could lead to widespread dancing, shouting and loud outbursts.

I’ve yet to see them live, but from everything I’ve heard, their set will be nothing short of fantastic.

See you at Newport?

Buy Buy Buy their absolutely fantastic ‘The Unmistakable Man