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Best Records of 2012 | 25 – 21

25. Jack White – Blunderbuss – Jack White is back with his first solo record since “the breakup” and he’s back to true form in only the way that he can be. Its a freaked out, rocked out, album with a funky new band. The record is totally solid, gritty, twangy and a million other -y’s you can add. It’s Jack White, need I say more? Listen: Jack White – Sixteen Saltines| Buy: Blunderbuss 24. Field Report – Field Report – Born of a pedigree that we’ve talked about ad nauseum (Bon Iver) Chris Porterfield released a record full of…


Review | River City Extension – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger

River City Extension – Welcome To Pittsburgh

Today, New Jersey’s River City Extension releases their second album, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger, a followup their fantastic record The Unmistakable Man. Leading up to this point, the band has released two of the tracks from the record, “There and Back Again,” and “Welcome to Pittsburgh,” two songs that are the prototype of sounds that come from this band.  The former being a coalescence of folk sensibilities and the blast of punk energy that the band can display which seems to represent the bands earlier sound while the latter being a more streamlined sound and arrangements that seem to have been battle tested over the last year or two during touring.  It’s a tighter sound, and one that seems to fit the band at well.  It may be a slight departure for fans, but rest assured, its a great sound for this band, and shows the band maturing quite a bit, with the help of Michelini’s songwriting which also seems to be upgrading itself.

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River City Extension – Welcome to Pittsburgh

River City Extension – Welcome To Pittsburgh

Make no mistake, I’m a big fan of New Jersey’s River City Extension and I’m extremely excited about their upcoming record, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger, blissfully, I opened my inbox to find that they’ve released another track off of the album. “Welcome to Pittsburgh,” has got a Ronettes bang bang click sound to it, complimented with jangled guitars, and a summery, breezy, warm feel.

River City Extension 2012 Tour Dates:

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New Music | River City Extension – There & Back Again

Opening my email this morning, I got all kinds of excited. New Jersey’s River City Extension just announced a new album Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger, to be released on June 5 via XOXO Records / Anchor & Hope Music. It got even better when there was more than just an album teaser. Check out the first cut, “There and Back Again,” which if you look at the sound waves is going to pump you the eff up right around 90 seconds. If this isn’t a statement, I don’t know what is. And give it all the way to the end which features a blistering harmonica solo by famed photographer Danny Clinch.

Album Teaser:

Also it appears there will be some touring in March (I’m sure there will be more)

River City Extension Tour Dates:

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Video | River City Extension – The Fall

Kitchen Sessions Presents: River City Extension – The Fall from Kitchen Sessions on Vimeo. Our friend Kitchen Sessions recorded this awesome video at Nor’Easter fest in Burlington VT, for River City Extension. RCE played a song called “the Fall,”  one that I hadn’t heard before.  Check out the video, Kitchen Sessions’ website, and do yourself a favor if you haven’t already and Buy River City Extension’s The Unmistakable Man. Buy The Unmistakable Man

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New Music | River City Extension – Letter to Lainie

River City Extension – Letter to Lainie (Ft. Glenn Tilbrook)

River City Extension’s The Unmistakable Man quickly racked up tons of plays in my library for good reason.  Its a packed album full of energetic, bouncy, huge songs that are extremely fun to listen to and from everything I’ve heard an absolute must to see live.  The band recorded this special cut of ‘Letter to Lainie’ featuring Glenn Tilbrook of UK new wave band Squeeze.  The bouncy singalong track with soaring chorus’ is near identical to the original, but the lending hand on vocals adds a nice little treat for fans.

Be sure to catch these guys live while they are on the Warped tour,

River City Extension 2011 Tour Dates:

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New Music | River City Extension

Something Salty, Something Sweet River City Extension had completely eluded my musical umbrella; but luckily they just announced they will be playing the Newport Folk Festival this summer.  As I had no idea who they were, curiosity got the better of me. What I found shouldn’t have surprised me, but altogether I think it’s ok to be surprised.  River City Extension is huge… seriously  there’s 8 members.  Not just another Orchestral Indie Rock band, these guys have got some serious energy and fun in their music.  They blend a mix of rural americana folk and some explosive punk(ish) outbursts.  I…

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