New Music | 1, 2, 3 - When The Levee Broke At The County Fair

1,2,3 Photo-Credit-1-Chris-Miskis-

[W]hat’s a good disaster ballad without a story of a ruined summer fair? I’m not really sure where I was going with that, but the newest single from Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3 is a ramshackle garagey tune about a disaster at the county fair, and well just imagine all that ruined funnel cake. “When the levee broke,” is a tongue-in-cheek tune that hits hard, a scratchy rough affair from vocals to pounding beats to crunchy guitar riffs. The song comes from their exciting sophomore album, Big Weather, which coincidentally is all about dry witted songs of disaster.

I kind of love this scratchy style for this band, definitely has an edge that is tickling my ears today. Check it out, and we’ll talk again in late May (27th) when the (double) record drops.

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