Newport Folk Fest 2012 Lineup

Last night I headed into Cambridge for the Newport Folk Festival lineup announcement and with huge anticipation building up, each artist was called out based on a rebus puzzle (example). If you were watching on the livestream, you may have seen me turn over Sharon Van Etten’s card. It was a fun way for the audience to participate as they rattled off fantastic name after name after name. It really has to be noted that the team that puts together the lineup does a damn fantastic job in doing so, major credit to Jay Sweet for pulling all the strings and constantly giving us a fantastic festival.

Coming to town for the festival are Music Savage favorites:

All of whom have been written about ad nauseum on this website and for damn good reason.  

Newport is one of those very special festivals that incorporates fantastic, talented musicians from multiple generations; one-off random jam sessions that put acts on stage you may never get to see play together, and a fun friendly environment that fosters a special show around every corner. I can’t even begin to put the words together eloquently enough to stress how great this festival is. Its a small budget festival that is huge on talent and a full weekend of top to bottom fun. Its an absolute must for music lovers, not just folk lovers.

I highly suggest you grab your tickets now, its a near guarantee this festival will sell out.