Review | Generationals - Actor-Caster


The Generationals have been on my radar since I first heard ‘When they Fight, They Fight,’ and to say I was excited to hear their Trust EP, and now their LP Actor-Caster would be an understatement.

That being said… today marks the release date of ‘Actor-Caster,’ and to me this is their finest work to date.  The first track on the album ‘Ten-Twenty-Ten,’ sets a wonderful tone for this album.  It’s a bright & sunny jam with a driving rhythm that will have you bobbing your head and reaching for the repeat button.  ‘I promise’ is a jangly guitar driven song with a playful bass rhythm that keeps up the energy and fun and finally swoops down on the quirky balladry of ‘Yours Forever.’ Jangly guitars return for songs like the soul driven ‘You Say It Too’ and ‘Goose & Gander.’  The foot stompin ‘Dirty Mister Dirty,’ is one of my favorites on the album, a piano rhythm driven song with gang vocals, some unorthodox reverb sounds.

Jangly tracks abound this album, but sprinkled in are varied influences of soul, pop, and some foot stompin indie rock.  It’s a solid album that shows this band has a knack for pulling off a lot of variance in their music, and they do it very well.

I can’t stress enough, this is a solid album thats fun to listen to again and again.

Buy Actor-Caster and get digital exclusive track ‘U Say it 2’ from Amazon.