Review | Jonny Corndawg - Down on the Bikini Line

Jonny Corndawg – Chevy Beretta
Jonny Corndawg – The Life of a Bear

Jonathan Fritz, or better known to his friends and fans, Jonny Corndawg is one of the hardest working guys in music today. He relentlessly tours, with everyone from Jessica Lea Mayfield to Dawes, Robert Ellis and coming in Boston with Trampled By Turtles in November. What can you say about this guy, he’s a touring machine, a marathon runner, and one of the warmest, nicest guys you will ever meet.

Down on the Bikini is Jonny’s 2nd release, behind the wonderfully named I’m Not Ready to Be a Daddy. Funded by Kickstarter (which I personally backed) the album released August 31st and I think it absolutely needs to be in your library.  Jonny’s whimsical sense of humor and use of hyperbole in his writing creates a tone of comedy within the album that is unparalleled.  This isn’t a comedy album though, its expertly crafted, with all the country tinge you can expect, pedal steel, fiddles and songs about trucks.  This is basically outlaw 70’s country music that will make you laugh, dance, and rock.

Lyrically stylistic to honky tonk, or outlaw country Corndawg finds a way to be clever, funny, and likable even with some raunchy lyrics that may offend.  Its infectious fun, and serious about not being too serious.  He pontificates about the all too important debate on Ford vs. Chevy in “When a Ford man turns to Chevy,” using hyperbole to its greatest extent, “there won’t be no worries, and no need for AAA, when a Ford man turns to Chevrolet.”  He appears to take all the cliches from country music, and boil them down, and poke fun at it.  On “Red on the Head,”  Jonnny pokes fun at Outlaw Country with opening verse “I was born to have my hair in the breeze, with a cigarette in my mouth and a beer between my knees, talking to girls like any bad boy would, touching titties in my mind and using real bad words.”  Its a song you’ll find yourself listening to again and again, and actually has one awesome guitar solo.  The album takes a serious note on what is probably my favorite track “Undercover Dad.”  Its a poignant story about a father going through his daughter’s diary. He explains his reasoning, to “be a better dad, to be a better friend.”  Obviously, he gets caught when he cries all over the page; and later reveals he finds out some information about his daughter he wished his daughter would never know.  Its a touching song, a great narrative that has a sparkling sense of humor, and light hearted thoughts about your children growing up.

In all, I was already a fan of Jonny, and have enjoyed just about everything I’ve ever heard from him.  But I think this album is the one that can take him further, and get him into a lot more ears.  Its expertly crafted, well written and played, this album is really well done; and a great addition to any collection.  I highly suggest this one for any fan of folk, bluegrass, honky tonk, country.  Whether he’s writing songs about ladies hygiene, all the crazy fun you can have in a Chevy Beretta, or sneaking a peak at someones diary, this is a quick record that you’ll come back to again and again because of the way it will make you feel.

You absolutely should buy Down on the Bikini Line.