Song Premiere | Maggie Carson - From Here to Anywhere

Song Premiere | Maggie Carson - From Here to Anywhere

It feels like a lifetime ago we were first introduced to Maggie Carson and Spirit Family Reunion at a loft show we put on in April of 2012. That decade on the road with Spirit Family Reunion, is directly related to the message on Carson’s second single “From Here to Anywhere” from her forthcoming debut solo album The Dark was Aglow.

As Maggie describes…

“I was touring a lot at the time and thinking about places we do and don’t return to. Always wondering whether I’ll ever be somewhere again. Perhaps if I knew with certainty that I would never return to a particular town, or city, or stretch of highway, I could be more present,”

The song is leads off with the subtle plucks of banjo strings and retains that raw core of Appalachian folk music we’re used to hearing from Carson, only to immediately give way to soaring vocals that create a powerful release as she reiterates “in a little while we’ll know…” just how long the road to anywhere is.

It’s a brief track that begs for repeated listens, and I haven’t been able to put it down.

The album—recorded in Rockaway Beach before the pandemic hit NYC—is a collaboration between Carson, punk rock producer Matt Walsh, and conceptual artist Or Zubalsky. “From Here To Anywhere” will be featured on the full length EP being put out on Rockaway Beach’s nonprofit label, Open Ocean. The album will be available in digital and vinyl formats and is set to be released on June 24th, 2022. Carson will also celebrate the release of the record at Brooklyn Americana Fest on June 26, 2022. We highly recommend putting that on your to-do list!

 Pre-order here.

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