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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright + Cowboy & Lady House Show

Who doesn’t love a good house show? Getting a glimpse into strangers’ medicine cabinets? Count me in! Truthfully, house shows offer such a unique experience, and I’ve yet to attend one that didn’t leave a lasting impression. Wednesday was no exception, and in fact was one of the best. Especially on this day, while our country is in a state of civil unrest, following the results of the election. Nothing brings people together like music, and Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright, hosted by Cowboy & Lady (Tyler-James Kelly and Jess Powers) in their home on the west end of…

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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright @ Atwood’s

Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Our friends at Atwood’s always seem to book amazing shows, we’ve caught so many great acts within those 4 walls, and last Tuesday night was another point of proof that awesome things are happening there. When I walked through the doors, the band was just fixing to get started on a few hours of great americana. Getting a taste of ALT with a band transformed his songs thanks to the rhythm section of bassist Keith Christopher and drummer Chris Marine. As a combined act, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright delivered on…

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2015 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

Welp… I don’t think it would be at all possible to put this off any longer than I have. The yearly tradition of picking a favorite kid once again has me denying that I actually need to do it (they’re all special in their own way!) Someone much smarter than me once told me that limitations create value, and since time is also short, I’m going to adopt the style of the #50WordReview for each of the albums below. (For the record, they are in an order determined by the total number of track plays for all tracks on the…


Aaron Lee Tasjan – Don’t Walk Away


[A]aron Lee Tasjan is my favorite songwriter. Too bad he’s from Ohio.* Thankfully he’s up and moved down to East Nashville (after a stint in NYC), which means bi-monthly shows down here in Georgia. Aaron has a lot going on… between touring furiously as a solo act, he finds time as the new lead guitarist for Atlanta band Drivin N Cryin** (replacing Sadler Vaden, who’s out on tour with Jason Isbell), & he performed on all the Kevn Kinney produced tracks that Cheryl sings on the new season of FX’s Archer. Additionally, you can also find him slingin’ guitar in a handful of other acts… most recently Tyler James’ Escondido, LA-based indie supergroup Everest, &… well, you get the picture. On top of all that, he was honored last year by ASCAP as part of the Songwriters: The Next Generation program at the Kennedy Center in DC. Honestly, I think he spends too much time as a guitar slinger for hire & not enough time as a solo songwriter superstar, but apparently singing & songwriting doesn’t always pay.

Aaron has two EPs forthcoming, both will be out by the end of the year. The first track released from the first EP, Crooked River Burning, is Don’t Walk Away, which documents the struggles of being a singer/songwriter in an over saturated digital market that values plastic tits over diminished chords or turns of phrase (my words, not his). Aaron seemingly farts out classic lines in his sleep, so this track features a handful of waking gems. “Where does a sad song go to cry? / You sing it so much the words get shy / Turns out nothin’ but another hard try / Just shut up & keep hope alive.”

Don’t give up, Aaron. We’re counting on you. Aaron’s upcoming tour dates are listed below.

* #goblue
** Aaron played lead guitar on the best material Drivin N Cryin has put out in years, the new Songs For the Turntable ep that you can get on iTunes. Correction: Sadler Vaden played on the recordings, but you can hear Aaron putting his stamp on those licks at their live shows.


New Music | Aaron Lee Tasjan – Everything That I Have Is Broken

[bandcamp track=2213293563 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande] Aaron Lee Tasjan is one of those musicians who are like magnets. You know, those in-demand hired hands that entire scenes end up forming around, but only musicians seem to listen to. As such, it’s hard to not just be bowled over by Aaron’s songwriting & guitar chops. I could nerd out on his wordplay (Well I had a little girl & she was fine / Pretty as a penny, but she turned on a dime) or gush over his structure or list all of the ridiculous musicians he’s played with, but proficiency or accreditation…