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Photos | Joe Purdy + Garrison Starr @ Brighton Music Hall

“I don’t have anything prepared, but I’m here…” Purdy remarked as he looked over to a stool that held a bottle of water, a cup full of amber liquid and his notebook. And with that, we embarked on an evening of music that brings people together not just for enjoyment, but for a reason. I’ve previously babbled on extensively about Joe Purdy’s ability to draw a crowd in and keep every ear and eye attentive to his performance, and this past Sunday night at Brighton Music Hall was no different. But I feel that there’s a clarification that needs to…

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2016 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a stormy year that was challenging for a lot of people on a lot of different levels. When these kinds of times are upon us, music is consistently there to help lift us, unite us, rally us and carry us through. 2016 certainly proved that to be true for me (yet again.) From the first week of January to the waning moments of the December, the albums on this list—along with probably a hundred others—gave me something to continually look forward to. I hope they did the same for you,…

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#50WordReview | Joe Purdy: Who Will Be Next

All hail the return of the protest song. Joe Purdy brings back songs that cut to the root of our issues and plead that we all treat each other as we should—with tolerance and kindness. It’s time for our music to mean something again. This is an important album.     * Reminds us of: music that mean something, Woodstock, sigh… Dylan * Add to queue: New Year’s Eve, Who Will Be Next, Children of Privilege, Cairo Walls, Maybe We’ll All Get Along Someday     Joe Purdy: Soundcloud | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


New Music | Joe Purdy – New Years Eve

If there was ever a stirring song that could shake you to the core, it’s Joe Purdy’s newest, “New Years Eve.” Written as a reflection of the year past, and looking to the future, it’s a shining example of pure optimism in songwriting form, and I’ll be damned if I don’t agree with every god damn word of it. This call for hope, peace and unity carries a torch of the 60’s movements, and sounds like it came recorded on a tape and sat and gathered dust somewhere in a basement at Stax. Good luck not putting it on repeat. The…

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Photos + Review | Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall

In 2014, Joe Purdy put out what I thought was the best (and most overlooked) album of the year. While most were focused on the talk of Sturgill Simpson saving Country music, Joe Purdy wrote, recorded, produced and released Eagle Rock Fire—wait for it—for free. Having been a causal Purdy fan since Julie Blue (circa 2004) I was happy to dip back into an artist that I hadn’t given much thought to recently, but that had certainly marked a period in my life. Well damn if I didn’t fall so hard for that album that I still listen regularly today.…

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2014 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year + Stuff

The practice of ranking the year’s albums is certainly one that I approach with some hesitation. Like Kyle, I was tempted to not even try to rank them. I mean, ask me what the best album of the year is and — depending on my mood and the day’s events — I’ll likely give you a different answer each time. However, the geek in me wants to give things some sort of order, so I’m going to resort to statistics and order them by total number of plays for all songs on the album, on all of my devices. Sound…