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Interview with Chris Porterfield of Field Report

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz [W]e withheld the urge to play “two degrees of separation from Bon Iver,” and chatted with Chris Porterfield about his new album and tour with Field Report.  Arriving here in Boston, next week on Wednesday at Great Scott. Ian Doreian for Music Savage: Thanks Chris for sharing some time. With just a week before getting back on tour, how have the preparations been? Chris Porterfield: It’s exciting even if they’re just little things, like fixing schedules, taking the van for a tune up, and picking up guitar strings. This is all brand-new: our first headlining…


Review | Field Report – Field Report

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz [A]fter months of hype following a stellar showing at SXSW, as well as a gig playing Daytrotter’s Fourth of July barn show, and free tracks available for download via their website, the debut album from Milwaukee’s Field Report is finally out. An anagram of frontman Chris Porterfield’s last name, Field Report has crafted a fantastic album, moody and poignant. A stellar songwriter, Porterfield has been holding onto these songs for 5+ years, rewriting and reworking them ever since his last band, DeYarmond Edison broke up in 2006. I’m betting that you probably haven’t read a…

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Live Review | Field Report at Great Scott

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz [L]ast Wednesday evening the guys of Field Report stopped by the Great Scott in Allston for a satisfying sneak preview of their upcoming debut album. The Milwaukee, WI natives have made a name for themselves through their stellar SXSW performances, and of course singer-songwriter Chris Porterfield’s association with Justin Vernon. Porterfield (Field Report is an anagram of Porterfield) was in Vernon’s early band, DeYarmond Edison, but quit the band when the guys moved to North Carolina. Fast forward to now, where members of the original band have formed (obviously) Bon Iver, Megafaun, Drying girlfriends the…

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Tonight | Field Report, Sean Rowe & Jacob Augustine

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz [F]ield Report comes into town tonight to play a show at Great Scott, and if you haven’t heard me try and sell you on them yet, I believe their music will do all the talking for me. Porterfield’s roots lie with Justin Vernon and although that may help propel Field Report quite a bit faster, its not unwarranted.  The songs are wonderfully written, extremely carefully crafted, tender and delicate folk songs that are wrapped in an atmospheric multi-layered approach that benefits from a little twang and a moody disposition. The early show seems to be…

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Video | Field Report – Fergus Falls

[youtube][/youtube] It’s worth mentioning that of all the bands I could have seen at SXSW, I only saw one of them twice. That band was Eau Claire’s Field Report. Their record is coming in July, but you can catch their fantastic track “Fergus Falls,” from the last show I saw at SXSW this year. I may be somewhere in this video, standing front row stage right, it was truly a great way to close the weekend for Visible Voice and I. More Field Report

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New Music | Field Report – Taking Alcatraz

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz The third track to release, I’d say you might want to note Field Report at this point.   With an affiliation with Bon Iver (he played pedal steel in Justin Vernon’s old band DeYarmond Edison) we can expect this project to have legs.  Even without the affiliation I expect Field Report to fully catch on. The music is absolutely gorgeous, with tender plucking, waves of instrumentation and a lyrical parable about taking chances and facing fears, “Taking Alcatraz” takes note of Native American activist Richard Oakes and his occupation of Alcatraz Island. Expect Field Report’s…

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You Ought to Know | Field Report

I am Not Waiting Anymore Fergus Falls One of the absolutely stunning memories from my recent SXSW trip was the two shows I got to see with the band Field Report. Field Report is Chris Porterfield, whose debut as Field Report made their world debut at SXSW. Originally Porterfield was with DeYarmond Edison (Bon Iver & Megafaun) and after the breakup went back to Wisconsin and began writing songs. In December 2011, his songs were recorded. What’s remarkable about the music is how carefully the songs seem to be crafted. They are tender and delicate, excellently written and slightly poignant.…

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